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Work for worship:  Most of us work for pay cheques. Some may be for power, prestige etc. That is why when the new calendar year comes, every one need a break to their work. So that you can take off from work. Because we find work is boring.


On the other hand, worship is now means visiting temple, going pilgrimages or doing prayer at home.  Is it possible to take time from work to worship.  But spirituality is not to persuaded in part time, once a week or once a year , it is to be practiced always,  they call it as ‘ Sadaa’ or ‘Satatum’ i.e. always, consistently.  How can we worship when we have full time work to do. Now question is how to bring work & worship together. Only if we work in the worshipful attitude, then life become enriching, become fulfilling, happy & then we grow spiritually and materially.  If our action is for profit and desire driven we are going to get boredom at work. But on the other side if we are doing our action out of obligatory duty we feel ecstasy. Real work should give us peace not the stress.  We have to check that our actions polluting us further or purifying.


Vedanta says the purpose of work can be only two folds, (atmanaha mokshartham, Jagat hitaya)we should work for self development, self upliftment, for spiritual growth, secondly for welfare  of the world. There is no other reason to work.





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