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What are the qualification of a student ?


  •   Viveka (discrimination)  the capacity to differentiate between permanent and impermanent
  •   Vairagya – disinterest, dispassion for that which is temporary
  •   Shatsampatti – 6 ethical qualities- sence control, mind control, endurance , uparati(withdrawl), shraddha and samadhana
  •   Mumukshatwam


Story of Yama & Nachiketa


Nachiketa’s father, Vaajasryava who performed big yajna, as the ritual he suppose to give‘Daan’. He was claiming he has given everything, the truth was he gave the cows as Daan which are completely old, they had lost the capacity to reproduce, lost the capacity to yield milk. Nachiketa see his father do this. Filled with deep compaction for the father’s act, son telling father that ‘ I am also your procession, to whom you are going to give me as a Daan ? Irritated father tell’s son ‘I’ll give you to Yama’ . Nachiketa took it seriously and went in search of Yama.


What helped him on this path is ‘ Shraddha’ -the utmost trust, the faith in infinite potential. Faith in the truth. From the trust Nachiketa got ‘ Mumukshatvam’ –desire for liberation.


He waited three long days to meet Yama, Yama’s servants told Yamaraja that a young Brahmin boy is waiting for you since 3 days. Then yama came with respect towards Brahmin boy and says I give you 3 boons, ask anything


He asked 3 boons


1)      Make by father appeased, when I left home he was too disturbed.

2)      Teach me Agni karya – fire sacrifice,   

3)      Teach me Brahma vidya, we do not know where we go after death, we do not know from we came.


First boon represents the family, having completed that, next one was for society, the nation and the world, and the last one for ‘Atma sakshatkara’ –self realisation.




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