Thought of the Day

Deho Devalaya Prokto Jeevo Deva Sadashiva

(body is the temple and the Atman is God Himself).


Every one has to  treat every human body as a temple and the atman within as God. Every individual is an aspect of divinity. Therefore, respect all individuals. Only then will our life acquire meaning and others will also respect us. Modern man does not have this perspective of life. He lacks broadmindedness. He respects none, but expects everybody to respect him. How is it possible?


As is your company, so you become. That is why we say, tell Me your company, I shall tell you what you are.


God, who is pure, eternal, immortal and omnipotent is very much present in us, beside us, above us, below us, all around us. We do not need to search for God outside because divinity is within us. If we develop this outlook , we can realize God. So long as we bind ourself with human limitations, we continue to be man. We should give up our body attachment and recognise the divinity in us. Then we can become liberated. 


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