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How to earn one’s livelihood in grihastha ashram: Do’s and Don’t’s:


A grihastha must earn wealth to maintain his family. But he must do it in an uncomplicated way.


Simple living and high thinking is the motto of a grihastha. He is not an unduly ambitious individual trying to earn more money than necessary, hoarding more goods than necessary.


In the process of earning his livelihood, a grihastha should not be unfair to others, not exploit or cheat others, nor cause cruelty or injustice to others.


He must not perform sinful activities. He must work honestly according to his qualifications and his prescribed duties.


He should not be corrupt in his earning or spending. The guiding principle is that a grihastha must earn enough money in a straight forward way to keep body and soul together, to serve the Supreme Lord, to keep his family together, chant together, worship the deities together and to call devotees home to serve them.


While doing one’s duty as a parent a grihastha is aware that his children have their own karmic destiny and free will. One should simply try to execute one’s responsibilities surrendering to God with full faith in Him. The real meaning of the word ashraya, implicit in grihastha ashram, is to fully depend on the Supreme Lord in all of one’s activities.


How does a grihastha practice detachment?

Detachment from one’s children, wife and home does not mean that one should have no feelings for them. They are natural objects of our affection, but when they are not favorable for God consciousness, one should not be attached to them. However, sincere efforts to make


them God conscious should not be given up. The process of God consciousness is very simple and joyous to perform. Every grihastha should endeavor to train his family members in God consciousness. In such a household, where all the members are God conscious, there is no need to change from family life to renounced life.



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