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Ma kuru Dhana Jana Yavvana garvam, Haratinimesha Kalah sarvam

Mayamayavidha makhilam bhudhwa Brahma padam twam pravisha vidhitwa ||



Do not be arrogant about wealth, youthfulness or followers. Time removes them all in a second. Having known that all this is illusion, understand and enter the state of Brahman.


We have to be very careful while earning money, people or when we are young. The word ‘wealth' refers to our material possessions. We should not to be arrogant about our possessions because they are the most temporary aspects of our lives. We may have wealth today, but all of it could be wiped out in a matter of seconds. We may have a beautiful home, but it could be destroyed in front of our eyes in a few moments. We should not take excessive pride in fame. There will be times when the people give us no attention for our efforts and then there will be times when they give us recognition for the littlest of things. People will follow us when we walk in the corridors of power, but we will be forgotten when the titles and position are taken away. Similarly, we dance in the glory of our youth, thinking it will last forever little realizing that it comes only to go.


Here we should point out that the transitory nature of the world we live in. Yes, we must enjoy wealth, fame and youth while they last. But to base our entire personalities and derive our sense of identification from such shallow things as wealth, fame and youth is unintelligent.


In the latter half of the verse, says that we need to understand what the world has to offer is temporary and passing. It is true that we must give our best to every endeavour we take up in our lives. But at the same time, we must put in effort to understand the one permanent aspect of our personality, the Atman within.


Do not be in the materialistic world of life and try to focus on our spiritual goals.



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