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Importance of education in modern world.


माताशत्रुःपितावैरी, येनबालोनपाठितः।

नशोभतेसभामध्ये, हंसमध्येबकोयथा॥


“Mother is enemy, father is competitor, by whom the child is not educated |

 one who doesn't grace the  sabha, as the crane amongst swans|| “


The importance of education has been a hallmark of Indian culture and tradition.  Even today we find Indians go abroad to many countries, and no matter where they go, they flourish and add to the local economy and society. President Obama is even asking the American children to stand up and measure up to the Indian and Chinese students in competition.


Education and knowledge have always been important. Why this importance of education? and what kind of education?


There are two types of "education" - one is to acquire a skill to help in livelihood, the other is a much more in depth study of a topic, with more abstract or far reaching effects. either one, needs education, a trainer, teacher, an environment where one can learn.


It is every parent’s responsibility to educate his children, else they will be like crane among swans. They start hating their parents when they grow old due to lack of good education they got. Let us try to make good environment to study for our kids so that they can get better education.



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