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Who am I ?


A king had four wives, the first wife he neglected the most, 2nd wife he took her where the family functions , get to gather etc, 3rd wife – he used to take for parties, social gatherings etc. and 4th wife he was with her for pleasure and entertainment, fun etc. Now as he became old and old, one day he about to die, he called the 4th wife and asked as you have given so much of pleasure and fun, will you accompany me after the death, she said –coming with you means end of pleasure and no pleasure after, my pleasure is here and therefore I’ll not come with you. She discarded the king.


He called 3rd wife, who said I have to go to so many parties , if I come with you I will miss all the parties which become my identity, so I cannot afford to leave that, sorry I cannot join you.


He called 2nd wife who was with him for family get together, she said , I come upto the funeral and make sure all your post death rituals done properly by your children, but will not come with you.  Now the king disappointed, all three wives left him.


Now a old lady came to him and said I know you have forgotten me but I am your first wife and I am ready to come with you after the death even though you neglected me the most from the beginning.


Meaning of the story:


Now king’s first wife is our Atma, the soul which we neglected the most. But we lost in family , social functions, parties, pleasures etc.(king’s 2nd, 3rd and 4th wives) We don’t have time to recognise who we are. That is why Shankarcharya says ‘ Kate kanta kaste putra ayam samsaraha ateeva vichitraha’ It is not that we should not be with the family or have pleasure, but do not get carried away from these, do not get attached to these. Start discover who am I ? 


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