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Intense Bhakti :


Story: One day Sita, Laxmana, Bharata & Shatrugna felt that all the seva of Rama, Hanuman only doing, they don’t have any seva to do. Called a meeting and allocated/distributed the works of Rama. Sita is going to take care of Rama’s personal affairs, Laxman will take care of his some other works, Bharata & Shatrugna also got to do some other works but they have not allocated any work to Hanuman. He was upset and pleaded to give him any work of Rama. But Sita said no no, we allocated all the sevas and you have no work now. Then Hanuman humbly requested Sita ‘shall I just clap once Rama yarns and do Namaste?  Knowing Rama hardly yarns, Sita said ‘Tatastu’.


Now Hanuman constantly looking at Rama, when he will yarn so he can clap & do Namaste. When everybody went to sleep still Hanuman was waiting, Now Sita asked him go so they can sleep. He says ‘I know Rama yarns night time only and you have given the word to allow me to do Namaste when he yarns. ‘


Then Sita realised the Bhakti of Hanuman, even no work is given, he converts that to work with the Bhakti, she says – all the seva you only do.


That is why The Shani , so powerful could not enter Hanuman because all the time he was chanting ‘Rama Nama’


What is the power of Rama Nama ?


Ravana was so powerful even Navagrihas were under his feet. One of these is Shani also. When Narada came and see this he was shocked. Narada very humorously in his mischievous way praises Ravana and tells – Shani can shake everybody but you had made him under your feet. Only one thing I can’t understand is Shani’s face is downwards and you can’t see how is suffering. So better to turn his face towards you so when you step on you , you can see his face how he is suffering.


Now Ravana felt happy, he turns his face of Shani towards him and immediately Shani enters Ravana.


Whereas in case of Hanuman; shani could not enter him because spontaneously there was Rama Nama in the mouth.



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