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Vedanta differentiate desires in to 2 types

1)      Fundamental desires                                       

2) Tropical desires


Any desire who’s end is limited is called Tropical desire. For example; I want be become doctor, I want to become crodpati, etc. which has the limited end.


The fundamental desires again to be segregated into 3 parts;


1)      Sat  : Every human have this type of desire, that is desire to live a day more. We may say I am ready die but when Yama avadhoota come, we say, let my grand daughter’s birth day finish, I will be ready. When we are hardly 20 years, we say I’ll die at 60 years, when we are at 60 years, we say 70, at 70 we say 80. Goes on. A desire to live a day more is the fundamental desire and this desire is called ‘Sat’


2)      Ananda : Every human wants to be happy ;  This desire is called ‘Ananda’ . Cases of suicides are those cases who have desire to live a day more but they feel the day more is not a happy day for them, so they want to suicide.


3)      Chit ; a desire to have knowledge ;  this desire is called ‘chit ‘ desire.



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