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Question: can there a world without sorrow ? If so how can be possible ?


Ans : Basically there are 2 types of sorrows which trouble human, one is Physical and 2nd is psychological or  mental sorrow.


Physical sorrow even though it appears as real big problem, but it is he least problem but due to wrong thinking it appears to be big one. The real sucker who sucks our life is psychological sorrow. We can only eliminate psychological sorrow but not   physical.


Example ; you met with an accident, leg broken, the pain you have to go through is physical but we take wrongly as you go on worrying , why happens to me, it is so unfair, all gundas who do bad things to people are fine, god punishes to good people only. Now psychological pain superimposed on  physical pain.


You have certain problem in the life. You tell yourself it is not OK to have problem, then  you are conflict with the problem which give you the pain. And that pain psychologically exaggerated


We can eliminate psychological sorrow by wise and right thinking not sheer positive thinking. Learn to say yourself that it is OK to have problem in the life. Problems are inviting me to make me better individual and not the bitter. It is helping me to be more alert  and efficient in life.


Often we complaint that life is unfair. 


Hunting is dangerous as they have to go hunting in night time, cliffs, forest etc. Suddenly the snake come across, the tiger was on the way, scorpion from the tree hanging, so according to us it is unfair. But who like the hunting, who need the thrill, who is always alert, he likes this. If we have hunter attitude in life, how the hunter feel, more the dangerous is  more he loves because be become more alert, even the sound of any leave he become sharp, we can awaken our self to that height of living.


If we have spiritual attitude called ‘ all difficulties are divine surgery’ –Everything is for my good only I should be in the path of good ness , if we have this equation in life then we feel the world is the beautiful place and life become beautiful.


Story : A king went for hunting, he killed a tiger and in the process of hunting he lost his thumb. He was very sad. His minister was next to him who said ‘Maharaj, nothing to worry if you lost your thumb, it is for your own good. Now king became angry and catches his minister and pushes him to a well nearby. King asks him ‘ is it for your own good now?’  Minister says- Yes.


After going from there king himself has been caught by some Kali worshippers. King says’ Ah I am king of neighbouring kingdom , the priest there says still more good for kali pooja & put the king to a cave there. Next day the chief priest came and started the ritual of ‘human balidaan’ .  When he saw the king and noticed one thumb is missing and said as per their ritual the daanam has to be poorna, now there is a dosha in the daanam, defect in the offering, If we offer defective Goddess Kali will be angry on us, so he asked their persons to release this king away. Now king has been realised and he was so happy , if my thump would have not gone, my head would have gone. He said what my minister said was absolutely true – whatever happens is for my own good.  He rushes to the minister, lift him from the well and touch his feet and tells –what ever you said was very true and narrate the whole storey to the minister.


Minister says, If I was not pushed to well, I would have been a perfect offering to kali, so whatever happens it is for our own good.


In the Geeta Krishna says ‘ Dukheshu anudvighna manaha’  Even in the most difficult situation we should not be unruffled in life, that type of person is called ‘Stita Prajna’ because he is the person who discovers happiness within himself ‘Atmani eva atmana tustah’ 



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