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Veda : Atmavare Dristavyam || Learn the art of seeing , that is called Darshan Shastra in the Hindu Philosophy. Most of us see the world more individualistically. So the perceiver pollutes the perception.


Daily Life we don’t experience the experience. Because experiencer pollutes the presence with the earlier experiences and judges wrongly.


Example ; Mr.Reddy and mrs Reddy who are very rich went to Banaras for holidays. While wondering the streets of Banaras, Mrs Reddy asks husband to give money as she saw a board written at the shop, saying – Cotton saree – 5 Rs. , Nilon Sarees – 7 Rs and Silk saree – 10 Rs. She said ‘My God , In Hyderabad silk saree is 3000 Rs. And in Bararas it is only 10 Rs. She says- will buy as many Silk sarees. Then Husband tells his wife – This is not the saree shop, it is the Laundry shop.


Here even though she saw rightly and still it was wrong. Context was different. Most of the cases it happens to everybody. We think we are seeing the problems rightly but due to our ignorance we take differently or wrongly.


According to Hindu philosophy, problems can be solved easily by seeing the problem properly.


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