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Swagrahe Pujyate Moorkhah, Swagrame Pujyate Prabhu,

Swadeshe Pujyate Raja, Vidwanah Sarvatra Pujyate.


Meaning of the subhAShita:


An imbecile is celebrated in his own home; a lord is respected in his own town; the king is worshipped in his own country; a learned man is honoured everywhere.




Although a person is foolish, he is valued in his own home. His near and dear ones still adore him. The town leader is looked up to by the whole town. Whereas the king commands respect from his entire nation. Although each of them are valued in different boundaries, their name and fame is limited to something they can call as their own.


But a learned man, a well educated person, has no such boundaries. He is respected and honored in each and every place he goes. There is no place where his glory diminishes. He is universally accepted and valued for his knowledge.


Such is the power of value based education.


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