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Why do we worship God? 


Bhagavatam says;

भक्तिः  परेशानुभवो   विरक्तिरन्यत्र  चैष  त्रिक  एककालः।

प्रपद्यमानस्ययथाश्नतः  स्युस्तुष्टिःपुष्टिः  क्षुदपायोऽनुघासम्॥

इत्यच्युताङ्‌घ्रिं  भजतोऽनुवृत्त्या   भक्तिर्विरक्तिर्भगवतबोधः।



Just as a person who is eating his meal,  with every mouthful, he gets all three of these at the same time -  satisfaction, nourishment and end of hunger, in the same way,  when a man takes refuge in God, and begins to worship  Him,  and at every moment  he do ‘bhajan’ he develops love for God, he experiences his beloved Lord’s form  ‘swaroop’ and becomes detached from anything else besides the God ‒  all these three are attained at the same  time.


In this manner,  who worships the God, he attains devotion, detachment and realization of God.  He most certainly attains these three, and he becomes divine and attain eternal peace. ’



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