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Man should become engaged in performance of their own duties with sentiments of selflessness.


It means that even if in other’s duties, there is superfluity of qualities (a quantity or number beyond what is needed)  and even if there is something lacking in the qualities of our duties, and we are unable to adequately carry them out accordingly, then too, compared to other’s duties, our duty “svadharma”  which will give good fruit in the long run.


Just as for a Pativrita (devoted wife), her own husband is most cherished, even if he be lacking in qualities.  


It has been said in Shri Ramcharitmanas ‒


वृद्ध  रोगबस  जड़  धनहीना।        [ aged, diseased, can’t move, no wealth

अंधबधिरक्रोधीअतिदीना  ॥       [ blind, weak, angry, very poor


Even if the above eight bad qualities are present in your husband,  and even if another’s husband has many good qualities, then too for a wife, serving her own husband is best.  He alone is to be served;  never is another’s husband to be served.   In the same way,  one’s own duty (svadharma) is best “shreyaan’, never another’s duty. 


स्वधर्मेनिधनश्रेयःपरधर्मो  भयावहः॥



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