Thought of the Day

Jatasya hi dhruvo mrituhu ;

We should not take our life for granted. Death can happen any movement.



Guru gives upadesha  to his student but student could not understand. Now Guru says to his Shishya to go to a certain town and meet such and such person and he will complete the teaching. Shishya surprised as he was thinking his Guru will send to some other Guru. Then Shishya goes to the  town, he see the huge palace and he surprised as to whom he supposed to meet is the King Janaka who was watching the dance and enjoying the dance. Now his shishya utterly confused, what type of Guru he is ? Janaka looks at the monk(Shishya) and tells, I know your Guru might have sent you here. What ever your Guru given you upadesham you could not understand, If I tell you how  will you understand ? so come and sit.  Now dance party was over, Janaka asks monk -now it is night time , I will teach you tomorrow- and asks dasa to show him a room to stay.


Shisya sleeping the palace room, never slept in such palace and such beautiful room. While he suppose to sleep, he saw a sword was hanging with a thin thread just above bed. Then he could not sleep thinking any time sword may cut his head.


Next day morning Janaka came and asked Shisya that ‘ Have you slept well ? ‘ Shishya says- how could I sleep, the sword was hanging just above the bed with a thin thread.


Janaka says every time when I sleep on the bed I remind myself that death is hanging and anytime I can die. I never take my life for granted. Birth and death are two sides of the same coin.



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