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Why and how to reach our Temple

Vishnu Shiva mandirIf you are a Hindu, the Mandir is a place for worship, for scholarly pursuits and meetings, a centre of culture, Yoga and meditation activities, and a place in which to celebrate festivals and weddings. It is a place to help you lead a complete life - spiritually and mentally. We cannot live by bread alone.

If you are not a Hindu, it is a place to interact with Hindus and learn about their beliefs and culture. It is evidence of the sense of eternity in all human beings. It is a stimulating heritage for future generations.



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Vedic prayer says, Oh lord lead me from the unreal to the real, Lead me from the areas of my darkness to light. In everybody’s life there is areas of darkness ( Andhakara) also called ignorance. We have to bring the light of awareness to the areas of darkness in our life. Lead me lord from Mritu and Amrita (the immortal). We are trained to see the visible and we are not trained to see the invisible. The visible is what to think is, something which is not visible we feel does not exits.
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